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Gaming console

Remember the Nintendo Game Cube?

The gaming gadget sections in the supermarket are the favorite sections for teenage boys, adult men and `young at heart’ seniors. Of course women gamers are quickly catching up with their male counterparts! Lots of video games and gaming consoles are launched by biggies like Playstation etc. Then there are different types of gaming consoles that range from Smartphone sized variants to non portable huge gaming consoles. It really gets very difficult to buy the perfect gaming gadget because there are endless options available for the gaming enthusiasts. So, here is the ultimate gaming gadget purchasing guide for all the gaming freaks. These gaming consoles listed here are the most popular ones in the market. Gamers vouch for the optimum performance of these gaming devices that have been listed here.

Portability and performance combined in `Gamecube’

The Nintendo video game consoles have ruled the roost since long. But the best product from Nintendo is the `Nintendo Game Cube’ which is a gaming console that has been designed for the people on the go. This truly portable device is the perfect choice for a budget gaming console buyer. Optimum performance and good image quality make the gaming experience totally exquisite. The device is truly a perfect gifting item for teenagers as well adults. Sufficient titles are available online for this gaming console. Durability is another factor for which you must consider the Nintendo Gamecube.

Choose the Xbox from Microsoft for the ultimate gaming

The XBox for true gamers

The XBox is for true gamers

The X box from Microsoft is a complete package and it offers the best value for your money. The specifications of this gaming console are really impressive. No matter whether you’re an expert gamer or first time user, this device offers a very simple user interface. The processor used in this gaming console offers miniscule response time. You could use the device to store a lot of additional data like games, songs etc because the 8 GB disc space is more than sufficient. Also, the best thing is that the device doesn’t get overloaded even if a lot of data is stored in the drive. The device isn’t portable but it is the perfect choice for the gamers who want the best console for their home usage.


Superb gaming experience with Sony’s Playstation 3

Sony’s Playstation 3

Sony’s Playstation 3

Although it has been officially announced that Sony Playstation 4 is on its way, but this Playstation 3 is going to be a classic gaming console forever. This is a gaming console which offers the choice of lost of video games. Users of Sony Playstation 3 vouch for its video game collection library. The device is definitely not a budget device but it won’t be wrong to call it an investment if you are a true gamer at heart. Incredibly high speed gaming, state of the art features, wonderful sound quality and crystal clear display images make it a product worth every penny.

You can definitely not go wrong if you purchase any of these gaming devices. These gaming gadgets have proved their mettle by breaking the purchasing records. Your expectations for high graphic quality, excellent audio quality, high speed input-output response etc would surely be fulfilled by these devices. You can even zero in any one of these gaming devices to be chosen as the perfect gifting item for your father, brother or lover in the upcoming crazy festive season.

Signs of emotional blackmail

Signs of emotional blackmail

Which circumstance does it become an emotional blackmail? It is not very rare to agree to the request of your partner. All in all, you can also compromise the next person. Nevertheless, when can a healthy compromise change to something else which can be harmful and sinister? If you normally get yourself conceding to the demands of your partner or you fear so much if you fail to give in, then you may be in a relationship where your wife or husband goes overboard to control you using the emotional blackmail. The following are 6 warning signs of an emotional blackmailer:

i) Manipulating your choices and decisions

If you find out that your partner manipulates your choices and decisions, then you should know that he is an emotional blackmailer. He or she can do this by reacting negatively to any choice that he or she decides is not what they would like to do. Therefore, it is always very essential to keenly observe the behaviors of your partner if he or she is fond of manipulating any decision or choice that you make.

ii) Intimidating you

Intimidation is also another sign of emotional blackmailer. Your partner can decide to intimidate you until you adhere to their wishes and desires. For instance, they can do this by telling you that unless you assist him or her you would not be able to get any help from the. Regardless of what the end result would be, they would not care much as long as you hid to their wishes and demands.

iii) Blaming you falsely

The blaming game is a strong sign of emotional blackmail

The blaming game is a strong sign of emotional blackmail

Emotional blackmailers usually like blaming their partners falsely. For instance, they can blame you that you did something even if you actually know that you did not do it. They always do this, simply to make you feel that you have to work extra hard so as to win back their love and affection. Even though this might be an attempt to get what he or she does not deserve, it is a sign of emotional blackmail and as a partner, you should be aware of that.

iv) Suffer publicly and dramatically until you agree to their demands

Your partner can at times suffer publicly and dramatically until consent to his or her demands. They will try to have this kind of behavior until you do something that will make them happy. It is actually a poor sign to show in a relationship; however there are partners who like doing it just to make sure that they get what they want.

v) Threatening

Threats and manipulation

Threats and manipulation

Besides, the above sings, the worst sign is that they can threaten you that they will harm you or themselves so as to force you do or not do something. This is usually employed by most emotional blackmailers and in most cases; it works better to their sides than the side of the other partner.

Therefore, if you have been emotionally blackmailed and believe that your partner is responsible for the blackmail, then you should seek for assistance instantly. This will mostly depend on the individual, situation and the couple’s counselor.

What to eat to be healthy

What to eat to be healthy

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could eat your heart out and still lose weight? Can food only make you fat? Is there a group of foods that can actually make you cut off the bulge? You would be happy to know that there are a few food items that can trigger weight loss.
Some of these fat burners are lying in your kitchen, but you have been ignorant of their wonderful properties. Some of these super foods keep you full longer to reduce your overall calorie intake and some boost up your metabolism process making your burn calories at a faster rate.

These fat blasters may also help you by stabilizing your sugar levels or curbing your appetite.

Here is a list of some of these super foods take can take help you in dropping a few extra pounds:

  • Eggs can help you curb your appetite

Eggs are known to be rich sources of protein without having too many calories. As a protein rich source, they are known to curb appetite. Also the amino acid in eggs is known to help build lean muscles that further helps in boosting the body metabolism. Many studies suggest that people who eat eggs for breakfast lose weight faster compared to those who do not. However if you have high cholesterol you may need to control your portion of eggs or stick to egg whites.

  • Oatmeal can help you beat the bulge

Avoid junk food

Avoid junk food

The unsweetened variety of oatmeal is a powerful breakfast option that can help you fight the battle of the bulge. Mostly served hot, it takes longer time to eat and is hence high on the satiety index. Being a whole grain, it adds fibre to your diet and helps you stay fuller for a long period of time.

  • Cinnamon can help you drop pounds

With this new knowledge, you are bound to add some cinnamon on top of your coffee or oatmeal. Some studies have revealed the Cinnamon has a stabilizing effect on blood sugar. Hence, it can help you curb your appetite.

  • Hot peppers can boost your metabolism

There is good news for spicy food lovers. Many studies show that hot peppers contain a certain compound that is known to increase the metabolism of the body for a brief period.

  • Green tea is a low calorie beverage

Stick to a diet plan

Stick to a diet plan

Many studies suggest that green tea stimulate weight loss. It contains a type of photochemical that gives a boost to metabolism. In addition, the anti oxidants in the green tea help in removal of toxins that further helps in weight loss. It is a very low calorie beverage that soothes you down and helps you get rid of any hunger pang.

Work up some wonderful recipes keeping the above fat busting foods in mind. There are no more excuses to keep the flab this season. Stock your kitchen with these amazing foods that can fight fat and be a happier healthier person!

The art of building wealth

The art of building wealth

Why are some people rich while the others are not so rich? Has God been unfair to most and biased towards a chosen few? The answer lies in understanding the concept of time and money. It is said that time is money. More than ninety percent of the population of the world is using their time to earn money. It is almost like a barter system. But this strategy of exchanging time for money has not worked to their benefit. Here are a few pointers that explain how the time and money concept can be used to understand how to build wealth.

1. Time is money

If the world’s working population is divided in to the categories of have and have not, the later would make more than 90 percent of this lot. This lot mostly consistent of employees and small businessmen or professionals. Their broad strategy is the same i.e. a barter of money in exchange for time and skills. Skills may determine the rate of payout and time usually donates the volume. Hence, we can easily say time is money for most individuals. If they do not give time to their professions, business or job, they would not be able to earn money.

2. Time is a limited Commodity

Time is money and money is time

Time is money and money is time

It can be arguably said that money is abundant in the world. It depends on your strategy and resources as to how much can you deploy out of this abundant ocean of money out there. If we look at skills as a commodity used for exchange, it is a limited commodity. This is because a single person can only garner limited skills over his or her lifetime to improve the exchange rate. The second factor that determines how you can earn money is the resource of time. This is again a limited commodity. You can only work for a limited number of hours in a day. Also your work life is limited. You may only work for 30-40 years in your entire lifetime.

3. How can time be leveraged to build wealth?

God has been fair to all individuals. Everyone has the same amount of time to play on in his or her lifetimes. Everyone gets only 24 hours in a day. However how is it possible that some people make it big with the same number of hours while the other keep slogging but are not able to make it big? The people who make it big do it by employing or deploying the skills and time of other people who agree to sell it at a fixed price. These are essentially employees, small businesses or professionals who provide their goods and services to big businesses to make them grow and generate wealth. This businesses are system based hence they are not dependant one a single point of failure of success as they leverage on time and skills of a pool of people and enterprises.

Invest your time and money wisely

Invest your time and money wisely

Once you understand the concept of time is money, the next concept you need to understand is that money brings more money. Many big investors, who are movers and shakers of the world, have been able to learn the art of building wealth by using their big monies.

Creating a marketing plan

Creating a marketing plan

Direct marketing is one of the latest methods of doing business. It is a marketing campaign that is meant to elicit an action from consumers. Marketers use this form of campaign to compel buyers to visit a website or store or even compel buyers to request for more information. Various forms of communication are used to pass the messages to the customers. For instance, a marketer can use postal mails, emails, direct e marketing or point of sale modes of communication. They type of response that a marketer should obtain should be measurable.

As the name suggests, direct marketing is a way of dealing directly with the customer. This marketing campaign focuses on the real customer, the data as well as accountability between the customer and the marketer. In that case, besides actual communication, the marketer should initiate actionable segments as well as campaign analytics.

Characteristics of Direct Marketing

There are various components that should be present if direct marketing should be effective. They include:

1. A database

Online marketing

Online marketing

There should be a database of names. This database can contain names of customers or even businesses. The database should also contain basic information that will facilitate the execution of actionable actions. For instance, the database should contain contact numbers and addresses of the customers and businesses. The demographic information of the clients should also be kept. In situations where direct marketing is in its advanced stages, the database should show histories of the activities of the customers. For instance, the purchase habits of the customers should be kept.

2. Marketing messages

Since it is a marketing campaign, there should be formal communications between the customers and the marketer. It should always be remembered that direct marketing focuses on dealing with members of a target market.

3. Call to action

Generally, direct marketing seeks to initiate a ‘call to action’ from customers. For instance, a specific marketing campaign may compel buyers to call a certain number or visit a certain website by clicking the provided link. Simply put, a marketer drives the customers and prospects to take time to see what is offered by the business.

4. Direct marketing emphasizes and concerns itself with responses that can be measures

A direct marketer is not interested in general responses. Instead, he/she focuses on obtaining responses that can be measured. In addition, he/she seeks to obtain results from the customers and prospects regardless of the medium that was used to reach them.

Stay in contact with your clients through direct marketing

Stay in contact with your clients through direct marketing

Generally, direct marketing is an essential tool that every business should embrace. It is a marketing campaign that is ideal for all sizes and kinds of businesses. If this campaign is executed as expected, the business should expect nothing less than good results. It will improve the outlook and popularity of the business among customers. Moreover, this program will enable a company to gain a competitive advantage over others in the industry. It is a tested technique that has enabled small companies to beat giant business in the business world. It relies on no magic. What is required is to implement the basics of the concept – direct marketing.